What’s New from PCR Distributing?

WHAT’s new from PCR distributing

Hello again from PCR Distributing! This is just a quick note to keep you updated on the new Japan-related products PCR has for your retail business.


Cat Girl Alliance Ships!

Here’s some good news for customers who carry our PC dating-sim games, also known as visual novels or eroge (from “ero game”) by fans. Cat Girl Alliance is our newest shipping title, and it combines a couple of core themes that your customers are going to love, including girls with cute cat ears and futanari, “the two being one” that describes girls who also have boy parts, a very popular genre. The game is in stock and selling very well, so if you need us to send you some copies, put in an order right now! All game characters aged 18 or older.



Awesome T-Shirts Are Awesome

We’ve been bringing some really amazing T-shirt designs out over the past few months, like the brand-new Tenori Tigers parody T-shirt for fans of the popular anime Toradora! which was just picked up for distribution in the U.S. (yay!). This shirt is a baseball jersey, a new idea for us but the awesomeness of the design that’s printed on both the back and the front is making this a very popular shirt. Other outstanding T-shirt designs we’ve released recently include that funky Beatles-style tribute to K-On! (the popular moe anime), another Toradora! parody shirt, the red-hot kanji tribute to anime’s most violent female characters, a Haruhi Suzumiya shirt that says “I’m not interested in normal humans” and our homage to Japan’s most loyal dog. If you’re not carrying our line of anime T-shirts, hoodies and hats, why not start? Since there isn’t a single person under the age of 25 who doesn’t have a fascination with Japanese animation on some level, and these original shirts allow them to express this.


How Do You Like The New Website?

We’re really enjoying the new site, which is a huge improvement over the old version. Both the normal PCRdist.com site and the new PG-only PCRstyle.com site have blogs built into them, so you can easily get information easily from them in an efficient and timely manner. Both these blogs as well as our sites themselves support RSS feeds, so you can “watch” for new products easily using an RSS reader such as Google Reader and view all new products as soon as they’re posted. (Nearly all modern email programs or web browsers can also be used to subscribe to RSS feeds.) You can also download information on our products in a convenient PDF format, too. Naturally you can use the website normally to purchase products for your retail store, but we’re also very happy to receive faxed PO’s or orders via email or IM, too.

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